Abu Dhabi University
Every great city must have a great university & Abu Dhabi University is the great university of Abu Dhabi.
Their mission is to produce global leaders who understand the challenges of our time and make positive contributions to national and global prosperity. Also mission is not limited to educating students but also to transforming UAE to a vibrant, prosperous and strong nation

Knowledge Group                            
Knowledge Group is an innovative, collaborative collection of institutions whose mission is to offer a comprehensive end to end series of education solutions. it has been created to be the united face of a new and growing collection of knowledge orientated institutes and entities. These organisations are dedicated to offering wide-ranging training and development solutions across the UAE and the region. They look to provide a single point of call for all of the specific training and development needs of businesses, government institutions and individuals.


Aim Printing                                                   

Fortune Properties                                      
Fortune Properties extends its services within project development, project management and facility management. During short time since its existence in 2005, Fortune Properties gained extensive experience in project development & management that permitted Fortune Properties to provide high quality services based on its team’s qualifications and know-how.
Moreover, Fortune Properties provides cost effective facility management services to ensure good level of owners’ and tenants’ satisfaction as well as maintains high valuation of the facilities.

Magna Investment

MAGNA Investment was founded in 2005 as a private company to seek business opportunities in diversified sectors of the local, regional and international markets. MAGNA targets growth and income through potential Investments and long standing partnership. Our scope of business covers Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Equity Markets. They look into Investments that provide consistent results and contribute to UAE's Economy. Magna also carries out research and analysis to identify the best Investment opportunities and present those opportunities to investors.  Magna team of high calibre professionals have long years of experience in devising financial management strategies, screening and evaluating Investment opportunities, studying Investment ideas and developing adequate feasibility studies and valuation models that back up Investment recommendations.


Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council                                   
The Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council is a government entity established in December 2005 through the vision of the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and backed by the commitment of the Abu Dhabi leadership.
The Council spearheads Abu Dhabi government’s efforts in Emirati workforce development. It is dedicated to offer quality Emirati job seekers to Abu Dhabi companies to suit the demands of their businesses as well as form the foundations for sustainable growth in the long run.

National Rehabilitation Centre                     
The need for a specialised service to treat and rehabilitate those who suffer from substance misuse was realised by the government. After consulting the best treatment centres in the world specializing in addiction treatment, the NRC was launched in May 2002. It continues to receive the support and attention of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince, General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The National Rehabilitation Centre continues to provide the best available treatment for substance misusedisorders. Treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, and laboratory services are provided by a specialised, internationally experienced multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and other therapists.

Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA)                    
The mission of CAA is to promote educational excellence across diverse institutions of higher learning in the UAE. Through licensure of colleges and universities, and accreditation of individual programs, the Commission strives to assure high quality education, consistent with international standards.

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development                          
Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development was initiated to Support and Develop Small & Medium Enterprises and works, in parallel, with Abu Dhabi’s strategic economic development in various sectors, assisting in the creation of Emirati businessmen and businesswomen with the capabilities to support and participate in the ongoing economic growth and development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, building and sustaining an economic environment of international standards.

Berlin Institute of Technology                               
TU Berlin is the leading international university for research and development in the field of supply chain
logistics. The internationally renowned Technische Universität Berlin is located in Germany’s capital city at the heart of Europe. Our academic activities are focused on achieving sharply-defined goals: building a distinctive profile for our university, ensuring exceptional performance in research and teaching, providing our graduates with excellent qualifications and a modern approach to university administration. The TU Berlin strives to promote the dissemination of knowledge and to facilitate technological progress through adherence to the core principles of excellence and quality. Strong regional, national and international networking with partners in science and industry are an important aspect in these endeavors. The vision of this long term partnership is to expand the international knowledge exchange between Germany and the United Arab Emirates. The collaboration strategy builds on this vision and is a holistic collaboration approach with the three pillars: Education, Applied Research, and Projects. It aims to transfer and bundle knowledge for the intelligent management of logistics and transport in the light of growing transport flows in the Gulf Region between Europe, Asia, and Africa.




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