The 5th Annual Emiratisation Forum

Over the last decade, Emiratisation, which includes efforts to increase the presence and skill level of Emiratis and employ them in a meaningful and efficient manner, has been a key focus of most governmental entities across the UAE. Read more..

2nd Annual GCC e-Participation & e-Governance Forum

The 2nd Annual GCC e-Participation & e-Governance Forum will look into the latest trends and developments of how governments in the region are connecting with their citizens and transforming the way they deliver public sector service through their e-initiatives. Read more..


GCC Big Data Forum

The GCC Big Data Forum will examine how organizations are using data to gain greater insights into their business and improve strategic and operational decision making. Having the ability to effectively collect, store, process and analyse data can give organizations significant advantage and improve the effectiveness of marketing, product development, revenue and financial management, customer service and increase efficiency in operations. Read more..


The 4th Annual Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum

The 4th Annual Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum being held from 28 - 29 January 2012 in Abu Dhabi, UAE will continue to examine innovation in the region and beyond. Last January’s event proved crucial in examining how organisations in the region are developing strategies to unleash the true value of innovation in their business. Read more..


The 2nd Annual Global Logistics Forum

The Global Logistics Forum was organised in a new collaboration between Abu Dhabi University and TU Berlin’s Chair of Logistics and was the first ever global gathering to focus on international trends in logistics to be held in Abu Dhabi. With the kind sponsorship of Abu Dhabi Ports Company, and expert panel of international speakers delivered a high quality programme of informative presentations and workshops to more than 200 logistics experts from around the region. Read more..


The 2nd Gulf Conference on Social Responsibility & ISO 26000

Leadership in CSR and sustainability is key to the performance of any organization and how you lead your business on these critical issues can define you and your organization. So what is your view on CSR and how can you practically implement your CSR and ISO 26000 strategy?
Read more..



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